This is Me

The TiM project (This is Me) focuses on identity in the context of enduring mental illness. The background of this project is the development of the ´This is Me´ activity wheel. This activity wheel was developed through a user-centered design process and helps participants to actively engage with identity topics through activities. An article that describes the development of the tool and evaluation of the intervention can be found here.

Currently, we are running several other identity-focused projects, which together can help us to improve and redevelop interventions such as the TiM-tool. The main research questions that guide our current and planned projects are:

  • What is the state of the art of identity-based interventions and what are the recommendations concerning identity-based practice?
  • (How) can we apply and understand (social) identity processes for people with a severe mental illness or psychosis?

Current projects include a review about identity-based interventions (see protocol below) and an online survey study about practitioners´ experiences and recommendations. In 2024 we will use a Delphi study to investigate these topics further

Research Protocol


Appendix I: Full Search Strategy

Appendix II: Decision Scheme

Appendix III: Data-Extraction Form.

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