At GRIP we aim to improve the recovery and wellbeing of people with a severe mental illness. We have different projects, focusing on different aspects of recovery, in which we cooperate closely with service users, family and mental health professionals. Below you can find an overview of our current projects.


WINST: Werken in het Netwerk en Steunsysteem van mensen met een ernstige psychische beperking (Working in the Network and Support system of people with a severe mental illness) is a practice-oriented research project about the role of the family-peer-support workers within two psychiatric healthcare organizations in the North of the Netherlands, Lentis GGZ and GGZ Friesland.

Cognitive Adaptation Training

Cognitive Adaptation Training (CAT) is a method to work around the cognitive problems that people with severe mental illnesses often have. In this large national project, we investigated the effects and implementation of CAT as an intervention delivered by nurses in a long-term psychiatric care setting.

This is Me

In the project This is Me we develop and research a new psychosocial intervention that targets identity and existential wellbeing in people with a severe mental illness.


In the HEADDSET project we will do pilot study of cognitive remediation training in combination with mild brain stimultion.


The Cognitive Assessment Interview (CAI) is a semi-structured interview to assess the possible cognitive burden on daily life activities in people with SMI.


In the buddy-project, we pair people with SMI with Psychology students from the University of Groningen and offer them a chance of resocialisation


In this project we test the reliability and validity of the Dutch version of the Self-Evaluation of Negative Symptoms.